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I'm a -year-old man with lot of studies behind me and history of doing a lot of work projects in different team setups or by myself. Despite of having a long history of studies, I am still mostly self-taught over the years in areas such as game development and web design.

Work life is no mystery to me, having worked at several places doing several different things. I’m also very used to be working with clients and under heavy pressure (like, really heavy pressure!). This experience has made me a versatile worker in video game, web page and IT-projects. They have also made my view on work life and it’s different aspects much more broad rather than focusing solely on one area of a project.

Currently I live in Helsinki, Finland and I’m working as a web developer for a marketing and design agency called Buorre.

I'm also working on a next generation dating platform, Lovena, in our own company called InLove Group Oy.

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