1/2021 -
InLove Group Oy, Technical Manager (project Lovena)

Lovena is an online dating platform, which combines online dating with developing personal skills. We match our customer with like-minded people (no endless swiping!), help them to make a good first impression and boost their skills to have better flowing conversations. Lovena is changing the whole dating culture by making it less shallow and bringing people together based on their values, lifestyle and future dreams.

11/2020 - 3/2022
Buorre, Web developer

Web pages for clients, ranging from large ecommerce solutions to small landing pages

05/2017 - 11/2020
Menestystarinat, Web developer

At Menestystarinat I coded over 30 websites for clients from start to finish. Site scope varied from small business sites to big catalogue pages. All the pages I did used WordPress and WooCommerce, when applicable. I did also plenty of of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for our clients, including content optimization and Google Page Speed optimization.

Web page for Koklaamo

Freelancer gig for Kumu Communications.

06/2011 – 11/2014
Avail, designing and programming web pages

Avail created web pages for small and medium sized companies and registered unions. Avail was founded by me and my friend Marko Palmu and we have worked together on all of Avail's client projects.

Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences, Web programming teacher

I was a substitute teacher for a week (8 hours in total) teaching the students about WordPress.

8/2014 – 9/2014
Exhibitor at Bilbao, Spain

We were promoting Wolf Track game, Microsoft Surface 3 tablets and the city of Kouvola at Bilbao (Spain) for one week during the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2014. We had a stand at Finland supporters hotel, dubbed "Sudenpesä" near downtown Bilbao. Exhibition was done in co-operation with Microsoft of Finland, who gave us then brand-new Surface 3-tablets for the trip. We demonstrated the abilities and power of Surface 3 and also let everyone play Wolf Track on them

12/2013 – 9/2014
Wolf Track video game, producer

Producer of the game (supervising the production of the game)

10/2013 – 11/2013
Planetary Guard: Defender, 3D art trainee

I worked on two game projects while working at Blackland Games: KymiRing Racing (Texture Artist, QA) and Planetary Guard: Defender (3D Art Trainee). Both games were made for mobile devices so I had to keep that in mind with texture sizes, polycount etc. so that the games would run well in back-then slightly sluggish touch devices. KymiRing Racing never got released, however Planetary Guard: Defender did and it was available to download from the Google Play Store.

6/2013 – 8/2013
KymiRing video game, texturing

While working as an intern at Blackland Games, I worked on on a race track presentation done in Unity3D. I textured nearly the entire scene, including the car and the enviroments. Final project yet to be released.

11/2012 – 02/2013
LogistiikkaSeikkailu, 3D-modelling and texturing

3D-modelling and texturing in an educational game based on logistics.

DigiExpo 2012, Exhibitor

On behalf of school we were showcasing Awakening game as well as our school's game development program at DigiExpo 2012. I also gave an interview to YLEX during the weekend.

06/2012 – 11/2012
Awakening video game, level design, texturing, 3D-modelling

3D-modelling, texturing and level design of an unreleased 2D side scrolling game for tablets.

02/2008 – 06/2008
AllSpec Oy, customer service and computer maintenance

Maintenance and building of client's computers.