Lauri's Hack

Super Mario Bros. Hack (2019)

Lauri’s Hack is a rom hack of the original Nintendo Entertaiment System game Super Mario Bros (1985). I tried to create Super Mario Bros. levels that feel similar to Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (the Japanese Super Mario Bros 2.). Difficulty wise this hack falls somewhere between those two; this hack shouldn’t be as hard as The Lost Levels is but it still should provide a good challenge.

A review of my hack (from

"Just as the title says, I’d say this is a great hack to play through inbetween the original SMB1 and SMB2 The Lost Levels. The level designs are pretty unique and lore-fitting, so if you’d like to play a vanilla looking hack, feel free to try this one out! :D"
- Jeansowaty, 30 Aug 2019

Latest version (2.0 beta) with updated sprites, palette and small level adjustments is available here.

The original 1.0 version download link is available at To play this hack, you will need an NES emulator (or original hardware with Everdrive cassette), original Super Mario Bros. rom image (PAL version) and an IPS patcher.


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