Site Layouts

Collection of web site layouts I've done over the years

I have done A LOT of web layout designs over the years. Problem? Most of the sites I have designed and coded have vanished into the oblivion and in way too many cases I have no backups of my old work. However, I do have some layouts and sites saved so I can show them to you.

What you see here is a collection of finished sites and a collection of website layouts I did for the clients. In most cases, the layouts were never used as the site projects never got of the ground or the negotiations failed. So what I was left with was a collection of 'useless' layouts no one could see. I'm still trying to find more of my old layouts to showcase in here; I have done some real gems I really would like to share with people...

Blackland Games website Swing website layout Tifcon website layout Villivarvas website layout