Wolf Track

Producer of the game (2014)

Wolf Track is a cross-platform mobile game featuring Finnish national basketball team in an adventure encouraging the kids to play basketball. The game is a joint effort between the Finnish Basketball Association and Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences (KyAMK) Game Design program.

My responsibilities on the project were the following:


  • Producer of the game (supervising the production of the game)
  • Research on publishing the game to different platforms, such as technical requirements and digital store requirements
  • Development of patches with the main programmer after the game was released
  • Some game design on the project, mostly suggesting changes and coming up with some ideas that may have ended up in the final game
  • Compiling the assets and uploading the game to digital stores on various platforms (AppStore, Google Play, Win 8.1 Marketplace)


  • Timing the project from the beginning to the end and assigning duties to co-workers (scrumming)
  • Held lessons to co-workers about the usage of SVN Tortoise and graphic asset production
  • Arranging game testing sessions with the help of client


  • Scheduling meetings
  • Co-operation with the teachers of KyAMK and other personnel on the project
  • Co-operation with the client (Finnish Basketball Association) on a near daily basis concerning issues such as licensing, the content of the game, permissions, release, the script etc.
  • Contacting the Kouvola area elementary schools for game testing with the children
  • Co-operation with Microsoft of Finland regarding the WPhone and Win 8.1 development of the game
  • Took care of contracts, student credits etc. for the co-workers
  • Recruiting additional workforce for the project using my personal contacts

Download Wolf Track (MS Store) for your MS Windows 8.1 + devices.


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